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melissa marie miller

with roots in editorial design, I bring visual stories to life.

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i've got an eye for design with 12+ years experience

It all started when I was a kid and asked what I wanted to be when I grew up....ARTIST I said. Fast forward to today and I've been working as an artist in my own way—editorial design, managing magazines, planning photoshoots, and creating my own personal lifestyle brands on the side for fun. I started my career in publishing design fresh out of college in 2008, gaining valuable insight and experience along the way. Over a decade later, my lifelong creative journey keeps evolving.

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i love crafting cohesive visuals + designs

My design style favors thoughtful typography, aesthetics with substance, strong photography, use of white space, and a clear vision for the big picture. From magazine covers and editorial spreads to branding elements and color palettes—I enjoy the process of creating a cohesive visual identity.

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"Melissa is hardworking, talented, and always able to keep a great attitude under pressure."

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